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Biosecurity Self-scan Toolkit

Version 1.7.3-RELEASE © 2012-2015 RIVM


Does the organisation have a management system that refers to biosafety and biosecurity? The management system describes how risks related to working with biological substances should be handled.
Has a risk assessment been carried out that includes the risks related to biosecurity? A risk assessment weighs, according to a standard format, the likelihood of incidents occurring and their possible effects.
Has a policy on bio-risk management (safety and security) been developed, authorised and signed by the organisation's senior management? The CEN Workshop Agreements (including the CWA 15793) are guidelines for organising biosecurity. This toolkit is based partly on these workshop agreements.
Are procedures in place for all activities that relate to the handling, storage, use and removal of biological agents? Such procedures describe how biological agents are dealt with throughout the organisation.
Have all departments involved in handling biological substances implemented the organisation's policies on how to handle such substances? Departments of large organisations may have their individual implementations of institutional procedures. It is important to ensure that institutional agreements are adhered to on department level.
Is the biosecurity function combined with that of biosafety? Biosecurity is an addition to biosafety and, thus, may be regarded as complementary. Therefore, one person could be in charge of both.
Is the policy on biosecurity revised, periodically, on the basis of experiences, risk assessments and/or external standards (audits)? Audits are important to assess the adequacy of existing procedures. Where necessary, procedures may be revised, following such an audit.
Does the organisation require suppliers and buyers of biological substances to have a security management system in place? In relations whereby biological substances are exchanged or traded with other organisations, it is important that these organisations operate under a comparable security management system.
Is adherence to the procedures and rules of conduct being monitored? This concerns compliance with biosecurity agreements on individual staff level (e.g. the judicious use of passwords).
Is the organisation's management actively involved in the policy on biosecurity? When authorising personnel to work with biological substances, familiarity and compliance with institutional agreements are also tested.