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Biosecurity Self-scan Toolkit

Version 1.7.3-RELEASE © 2012-2015 RIVM


Are employees aware of the biosecurity risks? Biosecurity risks are risks that relate to the types of biological agents present and to their storage.
Have procedures and rules of conduct related to biosecurity been included in an introduction programme? Education of employees regarding biosecurity procedures and biosecurity codes, raise biosecurity awareness and involvement of employees.
Are managerial staff members aware of their responsibilities regarding biosecurity? Managerial staff must be aware of their responsibilities with regard to biosecurity.
Are employees aware of how responsibilities regarding biosecurity have been assigned? Employees must be made aware of where responsibilities lie within their organisation, as well as who to address when they have any questions about biosecurity.
Are employees aware of their own responsibilities regarding biosecurity? Biosecurity is not solely the responsibility of the managerial staff, but that of all employees. This, however, does require clarity on who is responsible for what (e.g. closing and/or locking doors).
Is internal communication used to inform employees about biosecurity? A participatory and responsible attitude by employees is dependent on effective and timely supply of information to them. This is principally the task of a managerial staff member or line manager.
Are employees supported in increasing their awareness of biosecurity? This concerns information on biosecurity risks in addition to existing training modules for employees; for example, in the form of e-learning.
Are employees aware of the actions that they are required to take at certain incidents, such as in cases of theft? If certain incidents occur that involve biological agents, employees need to be aware of the required course of action and must act accordingly.